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Asset Management

Have recent market conditions left you with a feeling of uncertainty? Do you question if your current financial strategy is the best approach? Or maybe your perspective has changed on your overall financial situation. For most investors,  the task of monitoring investments and responding to rapidly changing conditions can be challenging. This is where Capital Management Group can help.



We seek to have our clients grow with us and stay with us. We’re in this for the long haul.



As a component of our wealth management services, Capital Management Group provides asset management services designed to help individuals create, implement, and monitor a disciplined investment strategy that can help them progress steadily towards reaching their financial and life goals.

Our investment philosophy begins with a sound asset allocation strategy. We believe in long-term strategic asset allocation combined with slight tactical adjustments based on market conditions. We understand that when it comes to managing clients’ assets, one strategy does not fit all. The approach we take with each client depends on a number of variables including the client’s goals, current financial situation and risk tolerance to name a few. By aligning with a team of professionals like Capital Management Group who invest the time to understand their client’s total financial picture and goals, clients can develop and maintain a long-term and disciplined approach to managing their assets.

Capital Management Group has no allegiances to managers or funds. Our only allegiance is to our clients and their goals. With our independent, objective viewpoint, detailed reporting and transparent fee structure, our clients have the clarity and confidence that their assets are being invested in their best interests. Through exceptional service, investment knowledge and extensive capabilities, we can help them plan to make their financial goals a reality.

Asset Allocation, which is a method of diversification that positions assets among major investment categories, does not guarantee a profit or protection against a loss.